a.k.a. "non-therapeutic objective chiropractic »

Objective, the two meanings

1)  Objective as an antonym of Subjective
I, the chiropractor utilise a precise analysis protocol to determine the presence and nature of the vertebral subluxation. For example I observe how the body respond to my examination, the conclusion is thus determined by facts, not what I think it could be. Once the nature of the subluxation has been determined objectively, the spinal adjustment is delivered in a specific precise manner. Then the same protocol is used again to determine whether the body has responded to the facilitation of the corrective measure (the adjustment) I just performed. That post check is important since a chiropractic thrust could be delivered and nothing positive happens; in that case the procedure is repeated till the vertebral subluxation is finally corrected. At that point the person is dismissed and appointment is given for next assessment.

2) Objective as a synonym of target
This concerns the philosophy of chiropractic. The scope of practice is the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation independently of the presence (or even absence) of symptoms and diseases. It is common knowledge that a better functioning body is more able to heal itself and maintain its health by reacting immediately to environmental and internal changes; this is known as homeodynamism*. As an example if you are healthy you do not « catch" the flu; some people think the flu makes them sick when actually it is because they are sick (not functioning properly or in a state of dis-ease) that they « catch" the flu (disease). Vertebral subluxations weaken the functions of the body and so the door is open to a myriad of health problems.

Non-therapeutic… why?

I insist on the fact that whatever the symptoms are (or even absence of symptoms), my concern is to get rid of vertebral subluxations, letting the body make its own changes. The all knowing doctor is within, it knows exactly what to do and it is the one performing the therapy. Will it be able to return the body to a state of health and maintain it? where?  Between 0% and 100% ? There is no definite way of knowing at the start of care, therefore it makes sense to monitor consciously the correction of the vertebral subluxation over the weeks and months, giving thereby a chance for the body to regenerate, heal and maintain its balance.

* Homeodynamism versus Homeostasis
Homeodynamism implies an immediate reaction of the body to protect vital functions. The body is going to do all it can to protect itself: on a day to day gently returning the functions to normal and in emergency more explicitly with reactions like diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, shivering, antibody production, killer cells in fighting order, skin eruption. They are some of the way the body reacts actively and sometimes violently.
Homeostasis contains the root «stasis" or same state. It is meant to signify that the body self return to balance, but I think homeodynamism is a better word to describe the same process of the ability of the body to take care of itself, actively and sometimes explosively as many person will attest. What a dynamite body do we have... thanks God!*