Welcome to the extra-ordinary world of Objective Chiropractic
The practice of objective chiropractic is about facilitating self healing by removing a deleterious interference to the control of body functions. The interference is known as vertebral subluxation or spinal dysfunction; it affects the essential mental impulse travelling between the brain and the rest of the body. 

The body is busy all life long regulating the vital functions and when necessary reacting immediately to irregularities so as to return to healthy balance, what is known as homeodynamism. The role of objective chiropractic is to help remove the spinal nerve interference by adjusting the vertebral subluxation, consequently the innate intelligence is able to manifest itself more efficiently and as a result the body has a better chance to regain health. The actual treatment, the best there is and always the right one, is accomplished by the wisdom of the body. Eventually, given time and proper care the symptoms of many conditions may disappear if they were present or never emerge if they were not manifested as yet.
Objective chiropractic does not apply a treatment for any condition. The objective is to help remove a most important blockage, namely the vertebral subluxation, hence the denomination.
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