Individuality of this practice

The practice of objective chiropractic consists in analysing the spine by way of different means, which can be visual palpation, X-Rays, instrumentation, neuro-functional tests, and then neutralising the Spinal Dysfunction, a.k.a. Vertebral Subluxation, a major interference to the normal control of the body functions... The reason for that is obvious, although often forgotten: the living body is a self regulating system; it maintains good working order and reacts instantly to the changes that occur constantly, what is known as homeodynamism, the balance is maintained and health is expressed until an interference with the proper brain controls happens the final outcome is that the adaptation is delayed or inexistent and as a result a symptom or a disease may develop.

This practice is concerned with chiropracTIC, what has been named « objective chiropractic » to differentiate it from the diffused trend of using « natural » therapies (which include bone cracking, by the way) in view of  treating the complaint in a true conventional way. So, here, no patching up, instead careful analysis of the spinal problems causing nerve interference and consequently lack of normal control of the body parts, muscles and organs.
Once the vertebral subluxation has been identified through specific examinations, the adjustment is delivered in a precise manner, with the correct and only exact line of drive in order to invite the intelligent organism to properly neutralise the vertebral subluxation. The delivery of the chiropractic gentle thrust is in a way comparable to a golf swing in the sense that it requires concentration and perfect knowledge of the line of drive in order to achieve the proper adjustment. That line of drive has been determined by the preliminary examinations. Apart from the gentleness of the thrust, that precise specificity makes the difference with ordinary bone cracking. This practice is thus totally non-therapeutic, definitely not an alternative to pain killers of any sort.

Once the Vertebral Subluxation is eliminated, the body’s ability to express health is enhanced. Therefore correcting vertebral subluxations, a major obstacle to healing, should be a priority whether symptoms are present or not... as yet!
This approach requires from the person stand point to recognise that the body can deep heal itself; it is not a treatment of a particular complaint but rather an harmonisation of the body functions by the body itself; as a result different symptoms or disease may go away, even deep problems that the person had not mentioned at the first visit and sometimes before the main complaint that decided the person to seek care; but the credit for the eventual healing goes entirely to the recuperative power of the intelligent organism. In substance we offer this phenomenal body of ours a better chance to do its healing.
The outcome depends on many factors that are not of the chiropractor's competency for instance the person's lifestyle, the person's regular adjustment schedule, the healing potential of the person's body and above all the readiness of the persons to abandon old schemes and espouse the chiropractic philosophy.
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